Thank you to our auction committee!

We couldn't do this without your many hours of procuring items, creating pages on the auction site, and promoting the auction. You’re a great team!

Sara Barnard
Patricia Brady
Sophie Clark
Tracy Cunningham
Janet Daley Duval
Caro Fautsch
Mamie Sterkx Gasperecz
David Johnson
Lawrence Henry Gobble
Kelly Harris-DeBerry
Megan Holt
Susan K. Hoskins
Errol Laborde
Peggy Scott Laborde
John Lawrence
Lauren Loisel
Tara Mariano
Molly Mitchell
Alexis Reed
Brad Richard
Kathleen Schrenk
Laythn Sihan
Erin Snodgrass
Ruby Tremont
D. Ashbrooke Tullis
Kim Vaz-Deville
Laura Veazey
Paul J. Willis
Sara W. Woodard