You will need to register by clicking Register if not a member. You will be prompted to fill in your name, email, billing address, cell phone number and if applicable, organization or company name.  You will need to create a password to go with your registration. You will also be asked to Pre-Register your credit card information (credit card number, expiration, and cvv code). Credit cards are optional at this point, but in order to expedite check-out, credit cards are encouraged. If you choose not to put down a credit card, click the arrow next to Pre-Register Your Card and select the Pay at Checkout method. Your card will not be charged unless you win an item.  If you have a profile or purchased tickets, click on the Sign In button to access our silent auction.
Once you click register, you will receive an email and text message. Click on the link in either message and you will automatically be redirected to the event site and logged into your account. To avoid having to sign in using your email and password, feel free to utilize the link in those confirmation messages at any point.
Simply visit the auction site on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You do not need to download an app or open a separate browser. 
Follow the below examples to view items, tag items to watch, place bids, and keep an eye on bidding statuses.

Please note, if someone has outbid you, you will be asked to enter in a higher bid (unless the bid exceeds your maximum bid).
Change the bid amount - you can manually enter any amount that is greater than the "next bid"
Set a maximum bid - So that you don't risk getting outbid at the last minute, everyone is encouraged to set a max bid. The auction software will automatically raise your bid by a pre-determined increment until your maximum bid has been met or the silent auction ends.
Watch Item - add an item to your "My Items" list for easy reference later
Once you have bid on an item, you can keep track of your bids under the "My Items" icon on your mobile device. 
When the silent auction closes, you will receive a text message if you won an item(s). Please go to the check-out area to finalize your purchase and pick up your items. Items will be released  to your after verifying your payment and items with an auction volunteer.
For questions, please email Thank you for supporting Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Foundation!