In Rwanda, Komera means "be strong, have courage".
Komera develops self-confident young women through education, community development and sport.

While we believe in the power of education, we also recognize that adolescent girls require layers of support to not only attend but remain in school and graduate to become young leaders. We believe in the long term vision of supporting young women to graduate and transition on to University, jobs or business development. We recognize the importance of mentorship, communities as stakeholders, focusing on healthcare and economic development. We believe that young women have the right to lead change in their community, to experience the joy of self-discovery, and to realize their potential. 

Each year, our Girls Run the World event funds crucial programming to support Komera's scholars who are courageously pursuing educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty! In 2017 the event launched the  Komera University Fund to send 24 young women to University, a groundbreaking initiative in our rural community. In 2016, the event funded a much-needed truck to provide essential transportation for our students and staff, and the 2015 event launched our Post Secondary Transition Program, a 9-month intensive graduate program for scholars to transition from high school on to their next step- university, starting a business, or getting a job!

Komera scholars are breaking stereotypes and becoming educated, empowered leaders who are inspired to create meaningful change in their communities! Komera invests in all aspects of a young woman's life to give her the best possible chance of success. Your attendance and donation to this event directly impacts her success!!

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