The Children's Burn Foundation is excited to introduce mobile bidding during this year's Giving New Hope Benefit.  Don't worry - bidding attendants and staff will be in place throughout the evening to assist with the bidding process should you have any questions.  Please feel free to contact Kathy Toppino at if you have any questions beforehand.

By pre-registering online, you will streamline your bidding experience on the night of the event.

Here's how it works:
  • Click here to register to bid
  • Upon registration you will receive a text to your smartphone - click the link to be redirected to the site. You do not need to download an app or open a separate browser
  • You can bid anywhere from anytime and always have the option of setting a maximum bid
  • You can view all items in "view all" or browse by "Category" or "Item #"
  • To place a bid just select an item and choose "bid" - you will be asked to confirm your bid and will be notified if you are currently the lead bid
  • Once you have bid on an item you can keep track under the "my items" icon on your mobile device
  • If you are outbid while the auction is still open you will be notified to your smartphone and have a chance to increase your bid or set a maximum bid for easier bidding!
  • Once the bidding closes you will be notified if you have any winning bids and be asked to complete your purchase when you leave the event