Muddled Pig Basket

Muddled Pig Basket

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The Muddled Pig Gastropub Gift Basket that includes the following:
  • $50 gift card
  • 2 Muddled Pig can koozies
  • Bottle of whiskey
  • 4 or 6 pack of beer

The Muddled Pig Gastropub. Restaurant in Maplewood, MO:

Our menu is based around Pork.  For years Missouri has been known for its heritage breed Pig farms. We have chosen Berkshire out of the many breeds we have available to us. Berkshire is a heritage breed of pig, which was discovered over 300 years ago in Berkshire County in the United Kingdom. Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. It is thought by many to be the Kobe beef of pork. It is said to have a very specific taste, not generic and bland or mild like regular pork. We want our customers to benefit from the hard work of our Missouri pig farmers by creating delicious and fun dishes for people to enjoy. 

We enjoy taking things that are familiar and putting a new spin on them while also trying to push the boundaries of comfort food, while including influences from around the world.

Also, no restaurant would be complete without a great bar. We do as much as possible to show support for St.Louis's Local beer scene along with other microbrews.  Beer is something we have all enjoyed over a good meal. Our Cocktail list is seasonal and we pay homage to the technique and style of classic cocktails while using more craft distilleries.  We have a unique collection of spirits that we hope people will be able to enjoy the fact that there are a growing number of craft distilleries that are taking the same kind of love and care into their product as we take in our food, beer, wines, and craft cocktails.