Lifetime Service Award

Nancy King
In conjunction with its 125th anniversary, Family and Children’s Services (FACS) is proud to honor Nancy King with the Lifetime Service Award at its sixth annual Red Carpet Party. FACS is one of many organizations that have benefitted from Nancy’s philanthropy, which focuses primarily on children and teens.

Nancy became involved with FACS in 1984 at the encouragement of her mother, Jane Roberts, who had been a dedicated member of the Children’s Service Committee since 1970. Nancy has served on the FACS Board of Trustees since 1986. She is Past President and current Vice President of the Board as well as Co-Chair of the Development Committee. Nancy has been a key supporter and Committee Chair of the annual Red Carpet Party since its inception five years ago. She is also the founder and President of the Willis and Nancy King Foundation, which engages in philanthropic work.

Your gift to FACS matters! As Nancy is fond of reminding us: Please know that when you go home tonight and kiss your children and grandchildren, some other child out there is safer because of your support. Family and Children’s Services is celebrating 125 years because we never run out of children who need our help!