Winchester Pottery Bowls, Chicken Soup and More!

Winchester Pottery Bowls, Chicken Soup and More!

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Winchester Pottery has done it again! This year the husband and wife team provided our auction with their hand-thrown fully functional soup bowls with thumb rests decorated in their earth tone style with horses on the outside and colorfully glazed on the inside. Included with these beautiful soup bowls are 4 gourmet Frontier Soups. The perfect package for those chilly nights at home or when you're feeling slightly under the weather.

Winchester Pottery is a husband-and-wife team, Tony and Mindy Whinchester, and the pottery is professionally handmade with pride and craftsmanship. Pieces are one of a kind, wheel- thrown and built to be used and to last.

Winchester Pottery has a gas-fired reduction kiln and a salt kiln, and somehow, three distinct lines of pottery!

Tony uses both kilns to make his personal contemporary art pottery, and they collaborate with the line of horse pottery, all thrown by Tony and then decorated with horses and landscapes by Mindy.

Substantial deep round soup/cereal bowl with handle and thumb rest. Decorated with two highly textural slip-trailed & incised dragonflies. Glazed in rich golden tans, pastel greens and blues,and drippy-stripes in blue to black Inside is deep burgundy- ruby red. Trimmed foot 3.5" tall & 4 5/8" wide. Dishwasher, food & microwave safe always. Cone 10 reduction fired stoneware Wheel thrown & finished by Tony Winchester signed on bottom