Thomas Kinkade's  Lakeside Manor Painting

Thomas Kinkade's Lakeside Manor Painting

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Lakeside Manor brushwork painting by Thomas Kinkade. In his new Mansions in Paradise series, the Kinkade tries to create mansions truly worthy of a paradise, whether earthly or heavenly. Once majestic, comfortable yet human in scale, Lakeside Manor, the first in the series, nestles along the shore of a cobalt blue lake. The gardens are lavish with flowers; radiant sunsets last for hours. This grand mansion has cozy nooks where you might settle in for a warming cup of tea. A weathered, old stone bridge invites visitors to stroll the verdant grounds, while the brook at the left provides a tranquil background murmur sure to make the spirit soar.
Donated By: Joni Miller - In memory of Naomi Sqweeney