Mikel Patrik Original Art

Mikel Patrik Original Art

Opening Bid: $1,500
Value: $4,500
Bidding on this item has closed!
Name of piece: Stitch-EQ
Color: Teal/Multi
Size: 36"X36"

Condition: Mint/Brand New (This piece has never been hung on a wall or displayed except to be photographed for marketing materials)
About Mikel 

Michael Patrick Thieme was raised outside of Chicago in Naperville. Early on he realized the design industry was his life passion. He pursued his formal education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a degree in Architecture. His year of study in Versailles further enhanced his design skills and vision of architecture, interiors, fashion, international cuisine, and landscape design. Traveling to cities around the world expanded his appreciation for the fine arts. Always intrigued by the desert Southwest, Michael relocated to Phoenix, and became a licensed architect. His experience in Phoenix, further affirmed his vision that the most dramatic and successful spaces combine architecture, interiors, landscape and art. After moving to Las Vegas in 2005, Michael took the opportunity to put years of his experiences onto canvas. MIKEL PATRIK is the ultimate culmination of his design freedom. His art is ‘sleek, simple, sexy’ and uses a variety of bold colors and sequences in a unique way, which result in dramatic timeless pieces. His initial concepts of Pixel, Stitch, and Strata can be used in a variety of canvas sizes and combined into larger series to make a powerful statement. Michael continues to explore limitless ideas based on the foundation of his concepts. 

Website: http://www.mikelpatrik.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/mikel-patrik


Donated By: Tiffany McMillan