501 Auctions is now GiveSmart,

The #1 mobile fundraising platform helping thousands of nonprofits exceed their fundraising goals.

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Fundraising is Hard!

Running your events doesn’t have to be.

Community Brands has brought together 501 Auctions, now GiveSmart, Gesture, and GiveSmart

Three industry-leading event fundraising vendors brought together to provide a single, best-of-breed platform and world-class suite of services.

At 501 Auctions, now GiveSmart, we have worked with over 2000 non-profits annually, helping them meet and exceed their goals year after year. Our cloud-based suite of tools combined with an extraordinary customer service team ensure that you can focus on what’s important: promoting your cause.

We take care of the paperwork.

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Your Success

Our clients have the real story. See what they have to say!

No Surprises

Our flat fee structure rewards your hard work.

We believe that you and your cause should be the benefactors of your development team’s hard work. Our contract rates are always set prior to your event and we never take a cut of your hard earned funds. After all, it’s your fundraiser!

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