In Summer 2017 you have an exciting opportunity to acquire a low numbered IC license plate during the second ever Cape & Islands License Plate charitable online auction!

From Sunday, August 13 through Friday, August 18, you can bid on Cape and Islands IC license plates numbered from 1 to 999.  Register to bid now!

This is a unique chance to get a low numbered plate that can be passed down for generations! And not only can you get a previously unobtainable plate, your tax-deductible donation will directly help to preserve and protect the Cape & Islands region for future generations.
Does your vehicle already sport a Cape & Islands Plate? How about switching your current one with your own special number? Important numbers could represent birthdays, anniversaries, the day you fell in love, graduated from college, bought (or sold) your boat, or your college football number.

Whether you live here or just love it here, a Cape & Islands license plate makes you a true ambassador of this beautiful destination, and shows your commitment to making this a better place to live and visit.